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Experiences and activities in nature and with nature are good for us as humans. In Kalliokumpu it is important to us to strengthen the connection to nature with our activities. We believe nature has a healing effect. When you spend time in nature you feel better, healthier, calmer, more energetic and have less stress. Our activities in nature create a meeting space between us and our inner being and also between us and our guests. Our shared nature experiences have a connecting effect. Nature creates meaning, because when we stay in nature and look at it, as in art, we can experience a larger context and we become aware that we are part of the whole.

Wellbein & Retreat



Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese term for forest bathing, which means something like "taking a bath in the atmosphere of the forest". It's about engaging intensively with nature around you and getting up close and personal with the forest with all your senses. Finland is the most forested country in Europe. 86% of the land area is forested. We take you to the Nordwald (the forest where our lodge is located) and immerse yourself in the relaxing power of the forest.

- Duration approx. 1 - 1.5 hours; €35 pp (15 € per child) -



This outdoor wellness activity is one of our favorite relaxation methods. You can really let your soul dangle. "Pupate" in the island forest, breathe fresh forest air and listen to the sounds of nature. After a short guided walk, on which we want to practice mindfulness, a hammock upholstered with skins, pillows and blankets awaits you. Snuggle up and enjoy the tranquility of the forest. You can relax and dream under the pine and spruce trees. We'll pick you up later and serve you coffee, tea, cocoa or a warm berry juice in our wood cuisine.
- Duration about 1.5 hours; 1 - 4 people / €45 pp (15 € per child) -

Place of power

Feel connected, be one with yourself and nature - that is the focus when you visit this place. You look for it yourself, in the island forest, around the lodge. You get a tree seat from us, which you place where you like it. Turn off your cell phone. Sit quietly on top of the seat and direct your awareness to the here and now. Focus on your senses: hear, see, smell, feel. Observe the nature around you. let go of your thoughts Here you can recharge your batteries in peace and 'be in the woods'. It takes our body and mind about a quarter to half an hour to adjust to the tranquility of the place. Therefore, you should take at least an hour when you visit your place of power. If you wish, we can give you an exercise in perception to take with you. Perhaps visiting the power place will become a daily ritual during your stay with us at the lodge.

- Duration: 1 hour; for 1 person / for free


Learn intuitive archery and discover calm, power and serenity. Intuitive archery is physical work and mental training in one. Mindfulness and balance are key elements in this amazing sport. You will get a technical & practical introduction to archery with recurve bows and we are sure it will inspire you. Incidentally, intuitive archery is also great for reducing stress. If you are on the trail of a personal topic or if you are busy with something in your life, then intuitive archery is perfect for your own target work within a coaching unit. Intuitive archery from 12 years.

- Duration about 1.5 hours; 60 € pp/ 30 € children between 12 - 16

- Life coaching (in German language) with the bow 160 € pp approx. 2 - 3 hours




If you go on a moose hunt with us, you can experience something :-) Together we roam through the surrounding forests and follow the tracks of the wild animals. We will explain to you the basics of tracking & tracking. Not only moose can meet us on our expedition. With a bit of luck, you might even see a white-tailed deer, a fox, a badger, a lynx, an owl or maybe even a wolf. Or, have you ever heard of a nightjar? Over time you will develop an eye for detail and will surely experience some of the island's natural diversity. Equipped with binoculars and tea, we start early or late in the evening, depending on the season. In summer you experience the white nights of Finland in a very special way.

- Duration about 1.5 - 2 hours; €45 pp (15 € per child) -


Explore and discover with us the fascinating beauty of the Finnish archipelago around Kustavi. Impressive guided tours with the sea kayak including equipment and meals. To participate in a sea kayaking tour, you must be able to swim, be at least 12 years old and be at least 1.50 meters tall.

- Duration from 3 - 4 hours; from €110 pp (from €60 per child up to 16 years) -

You can find all our sea kayak tours here


Depending on the weather and personal requirements, we explore and discover the fascinating natural beauty of the Finnish archipelago around Kustavi by motorboat. Comfortable guided tour incl. equipment & food (we will have a picnic on an island).

- Duration about 3 hours; €130 pp. (55 € per child up to 16 years) -




Did you know? Finland is the country with the highest coffee consumption in Europe. People in Finland love coffee. And a delicious yeast pastry. Let's bake real cinnamon rolls! They are called 'Korvapuusti' in Finnish. While you're mixing the dough and when it's ready, we'll learn a few Finnish words with you in a fun language course. Then you will soon be able to bake real Finnish cinnamon rolls at home. And who knows, maybe a Finn will come to visit.

- Duration approx. 2 hours; €45 pp (25 € per child 6 - 12) -


Habt ihr als Kind auch so gerne Marshmallows am Lagerfeuer geröstet? Wollt ihr wissen, wie ein noch süßeres Grilldesserts geht? Dann sind S'Mores vielleicht genau das Richtige für euch!  Sie sind süß und Sie werden über dem Lagerfeuer geröstet. S'Mores bestehen aus einem gerösteten Marshmallow, einem Stück schmelzender Schokolade und im amerikanischen Original, aus zwei Graham Crackern. Hier bei uns in Kalliokumpu machen wir sie mit Haferkeksen und Beerenkompott. S'Mores bedeutet so viel wie „etwas mehr“ und ist die Verschmelzung der englischen Wörter „some" und "more“. So süß, wie das unserer Erfahrung nach wird, sehr passend.

- Dauer: Bis ihr nicht mehr könnt ;-); 25 € (ihr bekommt von uns genügend Zutaten für ca. 3 - 4 Schleckermäuler und eine Thermoskanne frischen Kaffee -


Get to know the mindful & creative handling of the camera in nature and design your own pictures with the means of nature photography. An intense encounter with nature through working with the camera. We take photos in different places. Topics are: basics of nature photography; photography as meditation; mindful movement in nature; image section & perspective; picture review. Please bring your own camera/equipment (if you don't have a camera, you can also take part with your smartphone ;-)

- Duration: 2 - 8 hours; 85 €/ hour -

By the way: The photographs on our website are all by Sami :-)

... and here you will find even more.


A wild foraging experience where you can pick, taste, smell and eat everything the island's nature has to offer! In search of unique culinary experiences, we head to the forests or to the sea. We prepare fresh forest tea and later in the wood kitchen we combine the collected ingredients into a small dish.

- Duration approx. 3 hours; 65 € p. persons (30 € per child 6 - 12) -


Get out into nature! We collect ingredients for a DIY souvenir: Real Finnish forest berry jam! For this I will go on a nature walk together and you will learn not only the special features of the wild berries but also a lot about the plants and animals that we encounter on our way. We'll cook them together later world's best jam.

(Berry season: mid-July - mid-August)

- Duration about 2 - 3 hours; €55 pp (35 € per child 6 - 12) -


Do you know the Moomin trolls? They live on an island near Naantali. At least there is a wonderful theme park. Here we go! We book the tickets for you, take you there & pick you up again later. After your experiences in Moominworld, it is worth taking a short walk by the sea through the beautiful wooden town of Naantali.

- Duration approx. 6 - 8 hours, day trip; €120 p. pers. (€60 per child from 2 up to 12); only in the period 06/11/23 - 08/21/23 -

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