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forest & MOOR Couple - for 2 people  (120 Min.)  €  130

Finnish - soothing - calming

Finnish sauna | Wild herb Foot bath | Kelo wood infusion | Vihta birch twigs | Honey peat face mask | sauna tapas & island herbal tea

This signature treatment sauna therapy package is a personal break from the stress of forest and moor. To get you in the mood, a wild herb foot bath made from herbs from the forest around the lodge awaits. A kelo wood infusion and a vihta (birch tassel) fill the sauna with the aromas of the forest. In addition, the Vihta serves as a traditional phyto-thermo-massage, which promotes blood circulation and pampers the skin with essential oils and saponins. A peat face mask made from 1000-year-old peat mixed with a little honey will spoil you and bring even more relaxation - Holiday for the soul.


wald & SEA Couple- for 2 people           (120 Min.)            €   130

Finnish - powerful - activating

Finnish sauna | Juniper infusion | Sea buckthorn honey sea salt scrub | Seaweed face mask | sauna tapas & island herbal tea


Strengthening and harmonizing signature treatment sauna therapy package for island fans. We collect the ingredients on site in the island forest and on the coastal sections of our island. The wild, spicy scent of juniper awakens your longing for adventure and freedom. Pamper your skin with a fresh sea buckthorn-honey-sea salt scrub and take care of yourself with the mineral-rich seaweed face mask. After your sauna adventure, you can relax with a cup of island herbal tea. Pleasure under the sign of the archipelago.

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