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"Climate and nature conservation as well as honest encounters are central to our well-being. They also mean slowing down and the knowledge of imperfection. Protecting our planet is the basis for all of our well-being. It's also about spending time together, having fun, Listening to yourself and those around you and doing things that make you happy. Traveling sustainably is traveling to resonate, to enter into an inner relationship with yourself and your environment."

Our goal is to enable our guests to have a natural, sustainable and authentic stay in the nature of the Finnish archipelago. The idea of ​​Lo-Fi represents our belief that only personal commitment, honest encounters and the knowledge of imperfection make authentic experiences possible. When developing our lodge it is important to us to stay in the process and be fluent in a creative language that is honest and inventive. We strive to sustainably increase the well-being of our guests so that they remember their trip as a meaningful event for a long time. For us, quality of life when traveling means creating well-being through direct contact with nature, experiences of silence, vastness and space, appreciating the small, living in community, encountering culture and learning to be amazed. This is, in our understanding, true luxury! We protect our environment, strengthen the relationship between people and nature, respect cultures, and value a minimal ecological footprint. We promote environmentally conscious, culturally sensitive and sustainable (resonant) tourism.



Kalliokumpu Island Lodge is powered by fully renewable, locally sourced solar energy via an electricity supplier with a guarantee of origin. Our glamping tents have solar generators for LED lights, laptop connection and electricity for mobile phones. In addition, we reduce our energy consumption by using energy-saving lamps and by doing without extra lighting on the premises. At the same time, we reduce unnecessary light pollution in the area.


Paper and cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, mixed waste and organic waste are sorted and recycled separately at Kalliokumpu Island Lodge. Waste collectors in the tents and in the yard allow waste to be sorted into an orderly cycle. The main house has its own small sewage treatment plant. For our guests there is a composting toilet at the edge of the forest. The residues of the composting toilet are composted twice and processed back into soil. We wash towels and bed linen with ecological detergents.

Organic products, fair trade & local groceries

At Kalliokumpu Island Lodge we choose environmentally friendly and socially responsible products. When you cook with us, we use local and organic food where possible. All cleaning products used for cleaning as well as the shampoos and shower gels for guests are very environmentally friendly. Towels and sauna textiles made from natural raw materials produced in Finland are used in the sauna. At Kalliolkumpu Island Lodge and on excursions we use reusable ecological cups, bowls and cutlery.

Natural architecture

Kalliokumpu Island Lodge is a glamping lodge. This means our accommodations are close to nature and have a low impact on nature; the all-season tents and their platforms can be moved to new destinations without leaving a trace. All other buildings at Kalliokumpu Island Lodge are made of wood. Wood is a renewable and organic building material and can often be reused in new buildings.

Everyman's right

• One of the great treasures in Finland is the "Everyman's Rights". Put simply, enjoy the great outdoors, but be responsible and respect them, other

    people, and their property.

• The forests and rivers should remain plastic-free. So leave no rubbish behind and take any rubbish back to the lodge with you.

• Campfires are only allowed at official campfire sites. Lighting fires is also forbidden on the smooth granite rocks. It leaves unsightly burn marks and 

    the moss and lichen die off. Do not make a fire during current wildfire warnings. You are welcome to make a campfire on our campfire site on the lodge

    grounds. Firewood is in the shed down by the parking lot. Make sure the fire is out before leaving the fire pit. If the wind is too strong, lighting a fire is


• Animals are part of the magic of Finland. Respect her! Do not damage bird nests or disturb young animals. Always keep a sufficient distance from the

    animals you meet or photograph.

• Make sure that you stay on marked paths and ideally use existing rest areas.

• There is no such thing as bad weather as long as you dress appropriately. Regardless of the time of year and weather, please remember to dress

    appropriately for the prevailing conditions.

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