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Scandinavian food culture & wild ingredients from the island forest

With our cuisine we celebrate nature and its seasonal and local flavors. Our passion for fresh, local and sustainable products is complemented by collecting ingredients from nature. We often go on trips to the island forest and the sea to collect nature's treasures for our menus and beverage offerings. The uniquely beautiful archipelago around Kustavi is a true pantry that we use to create a unique offering with our Forest Dinner. We combine collected ingredients from nature with fresh regional products to create our Scandinavian-inspired forest dinner. A 4-course 'foraging' menu, consisting of a small amuse gueule, a wood tail (cocktail from the forest without alcohol), the main course and a dessert, as well as coffee or tea. A laid table for communal dining in the island forest and Nordic hospitality invite you to a special culinary experience (only by advance order).

Only with advance reservation!
We only prepare and cook the amount of food for the number of people who order a meal in advance - when booking the stay or on the morning of the same day. ​
We strive to work in an environmentally friendly manner and produce as little waste as possible.
We cook vegetarian/vegan (& fresh fish) and try to accommodate allergies and food intolerances as best as possible. When you register for dinner, please let us know whether you also avoid dairy products and/or gluten.

  • Forest dinner 48 € p. P ​


  • In addition to the main course, the forest dinner includes a small amuse gueule, a Wood-Tail (cocktail from the forest without alcohol) and a dessert, as well as coffee or tea.


  • Children aged 4 to 12 pay half price and infants up to 3 eat free. We do not serve a children's menu, but encourage children and toddlers to try food from the adults' shared plates. ​


  • We serve water and/or berry syrup with meals.


Lingonberry foam with fried reindeer lichen on rye crusts (vegan)


'Kesäkeitto' summer soup with fresh wild herbs,

juniper smoked salt & malted island bread (vegetarian)


Pike perch baked on pine cones with nettle spinach and candied bee heather


Sea trout, new potatoes & roasted bladderwrack


Gnocchi made from beetroot

and spruce needle pesto (vegan/vegetarian)


Berlin currywurst 'Tofustyle'

with Potato wedges & spruce needle mayonnaise (vegan)


Vegi kebab (Döner) with coleslaw

& nettle tzatziki in lingonberry bread (vegetarian)


'Stolzer Heinrich' made from turnips with fried chanterelles

& mashed potato with buttermilk (vegetarian)


Grandma's spruce tiramisu with coarse cardamom & lemon zest (vegetarian)


Pine ice cream on foam from common polypody fern

with hand picked blueberries (vegan)


Outdoor food = outdoor weather & wildlife :-) Good to have with you, adapted to the weather conditions: sturdy shoes, wind jacket, rain jacket, mosquito/insect repellent, sun hat/cap, sunglasses.


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