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Kustavi Archipelago

Spectacular archipelago, crystal-clear bays and rich flora and fauna causes the Kustavi Archipelago on Finland's south-west coast one of the most unique natural paradises in Europe.

Kalliokumpu Island Lodge is situated on Vartsala island in the Kustavi Archipelago, Finland - an area of ​​outstanding natural beauty and fascinating history, in close proximity to the northern Åland Islands.

Diverse & inspiring

The Kustavi Archipelago is huge and covers a total area of ​​approximately 770 km2. Approximately 600 km2 of this is sea surface.

Selkämeri National Park, the Bothnian Sea National Park, extends from here. The national park is the fourth largest national park in Finland and the first marine national park whose protection zone also extends to the seabed in the area. There are also several nature reserves in the Kustavi Archipelago area. These include the Seksmiilarin Marine Nature Park, one of the South West Coast's most valuable protected areas in terms of birdlife.

Just 940 islanders live on the more than 2000 islands that make up the municipality of the same name. Nevertheless, the Kustavi Archipelago represents only a fraction of the coastal and archipelago world that is just waiting to be explored in the greater Finnish archipelago. Forested islands and red granite cliffs carved by the last Ice Age glaciers rise up against the clear waters of the northern Baltic Sea.

Experience: Kustavi Archipelago

The best way to explore the island world is by sea kayak. In addition, this area offers a variety of adventures in the middle of nature: animal & bird watching, hiking, cycling. And there are also many special cultural features to be discovered. The people of the Kustavi Archipelago look back on centuries of seafaring history. To this day, they live in deep connection with the sea.

Islands, coast, forest and sea offer relaxation and the right atmosphere to enjoy nature and find peace. Here in the archipelago the clocks seem to tick more slowly. Experience life in the Finnish archipelago today or take a look into the past. Day trips to Turku or the beautiful Naantali enrich the holiday.

The 'white' nights and the changing light of the long summer days immerse the diverse landscape in constantly changing tones and colors and lead to impressive sunsets and starry nights.

Wildlife, summer & sun

In summer the climate is mild and pleasantly warm. It is not for nothing that the Kustavi Archipelago is considered the sunniest area in Finland. Between the islands there are hidden sounds and lagoons. Between the islands of the archipelago and to the north, the salinity of the Baltic Sea continues to decrease. In the summer months, the water reaches temperatures of over 21 degrees Celsius. This complements the stay in the Kustavi Archipelago with activities such as swimming and snorkeling.

Sea eagles, seals and a variety of seabirds such as terns, eider ducks, oystercatchers, razorbills share the sea with us.

In the forest, with a bit of luck, we may encounter elk, wolf, lynx, white-tailed deer, woodcock, nightjar or even the eagle owl.

Beneath the water, too, there is a dynamic diversity of marine life such as sea trout, pike, perch and herring that live among forests of bladderwrack and in meadows of seagrass such as pipefish.

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